Allegiance Coal Ltd

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Based in Sydney, NSW. Allegiance Coal Ltd is a coal exploration company in Australia. It has assembled a portfolio of 14 tenements in five coal fields in Queensland.


  • Level 13, 49-51 York Street  

Town, State, Country

  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  


  • 2000 
  • Managing Director Colin Randall
  • Ownership Gullewa Ltd, 57.75%
  •   C Randall & Associates Pty Ltd, 14.15%
  •   Nefco Nominees Pty Ltd, 5.66%
  •   Winchester Investments Group Ltd, 1.33%
  •   Regent Paciic Group Ltd, 0.94%
  •   Others, 5.85%
  •   Individuals, 1.57%


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