BMR Group Plc

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Based in London, United Kingdom. BMR Group Plc is a mineral processing company and is currently engaged in planning for the extraction of zinc and lead from the world famous Kabwe mine in Zambia.


  • 35 Piccadilly  

Town, State, Country

  • London, Westminster, United Kingdom  


  • W1J 0DW 
  • Year Established 2008
  • Ownership Jubilee Metals Group, 29.01%
  •   Barclayshare Nominees Ltd, 10.08%
  •   TD Direct Investing Nominees (Europe) Ltd, 8.65%
  •   HSDL Nominees Ltd, 8.00%
  •   Lynchwood Nominees Ltd, 7.12%
  •   Amazon Hill Ltd, 4.63%


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