Cabral Resources Ltd

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Based in Sydney, Australia. Cabral Resources Ltd seeking to become a significant iron ore producer in the State of Bahia, Brazil. With experienced management and the ability to leverage off its quality relationships and global contact network.


  • Suite 2, Level 5, 20 Bond Street  

Town, State, Country

  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  


  • 2000 
  • Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Michael Bogue
  • Ownership Sun Hung Kai Investment Services Ltd, 5.90%
  •   HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Ltd, 4.83%
  •   Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd, 3.88%
  •   JP Morgan Nominees Australia Ltd, 3.31%
  •   ABN Amro Clearing Sydney Nominees Pty Ltd, 2.79%


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