TopTung Ltd

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Based in Queensland, Australia. TopTung Ltd (formerly known as Krucible Metals Ltd) is an exploration company focused on tungsten, copper, gold and rare earths projects.


  • Level 8, 46 Edward Street  

Town, State, Country

  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  


  • 4002 

Postal address

  • PO Box 15505, City East, Queensland, 4002  
  • Chairman Leon Pretorius
  • Year Established 2007
  • Ownership Resolve Geo Pty, 14.88%
  •   Individual, 10.51%
  •   Southern Reaches Pty Ltd, 5.90%
  •   Cryptodome Pty Ltd, 3.78%
  •   FWMI Pty Ltd, 3.75%
  •   Others, 61.18%

Stock Exchange Listings

  • Australian Securities Exchange


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