Nima Chemigostar Industrial Complex Co. (P.J.S.)

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Based in Tehran, Iran. Established in 2000. Nima Chemigostar Industrial Complex Co. (P.J.S.) is involved in the processing of industrial mineral products


  • No. 8/1, 1st floor, Aeen Zendegi Building, Parvaz Square, Arabshahi Street, Ashrafi Esfehani Boulevard  

Town, State, Country

  • Tehran, Iran  


  • 1461988547 
  • Year Established 2000
  • End User Industries Chemical and petrochemical
  • Export Markets United States, South Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Malaysia, Germany, Italy and France


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