Pan Asia Corp Ltd

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Based in Perth, WA. Pan Asia Corp Ltd is a coal exploration company in Australia. It mainly aims to serve the Asian market with corporate offices in Jakarta, Perth and Sydney.


  • 311-313 Hay Street, Subiaco  

Town, State, Country

  • Perth, Western Australia, Australia  


  • 6008 

Postal address

  • PO Box 8282, Subiaco, Western Australia, 6008  
  • Chairman Domenic Martino
  • Ownership Noble Resources International Pte Ltd, 5.34%
  •   Ridgescan Pty Ltd, 3.74%
  •   Accumcompany Pty Ltd, 2.88%
  •   Minimum Risk Pty Ltd, 2.32%
  •   Indian West Pty Ltd, 2.30%
  •   Individuals, 17.36%
  •   Others, 66.06%

Stock Exchange Listings

  • Australian Securities Exchange


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