GB Minerals Ltd

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. GB Minerals Ltd, formerly Plains Creek Phosphate Corp, is listed on Toronto Stock Exchange is engaged in mining and exploration of Phosphate Project near the town of Farim in north-central Guinea-Bissau


  • Suite 1500, 701 West Georgia Street  

Town, State, Country

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  


  • V7Y 1C6 
  • Ownership A. B. Aterra Resources, 46.50%
  •   Itafos, 31.30%
  •   JP Morgan, 7.90%
  •   Sputnick, 5.60%
  •   Conista Holdings, 3.60%
  •   Mackenzie Investments, 1.90%
  •   Others, 3.10%

Stock Exchange Listings

  • Toronto Stock Exchange


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