SMSP - Société Minière du Sud Pacifique SA

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Based in the shire of Kaala Gomen, New Caledonia. Established in 1979. SMSP - Société Minière du Sud Pacifique SA engages in the mining and export of nickel ores. The company is developing projects for the processing of nickel ore. The mining activities of the company are carried out through various mining centers.


  • 9 rue d’Austerlitz, Immeuble SAM3  

Town, State, Country

  • Ouaco, Northern Province, New Caledonia  

Postal address

  • P.O. Box 66, Noumea, 98845  
  • Year Established 1969
  • Ownership Société de Financement et d’Investissement de la Province Nord, SOFINOR, 87.00%
  •   Société de Développement et d'Investissement de la province des Iles Loyauté, SODIL, 5.00%
  •   Other Shareholders, 8.00%


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