Complejo Siderúrgico Nacional (CSN)

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Based in Venezuela, founded in 1948. Complejo Siderúrgico Nacional (CSN) is involved in the manufacture and commercialization of steel products. The company was formerly known as Sidetur - Siderurgica del Turbio SA.


  • Avenida Intercomunal de Antimano, Sector Carapa  

Town, State, Country

  • La Yaguara, Caracas, DC, Venezuela  

Postal address

  • Apartado Postal 6440, Caracas, 1050  
  • Year Established 1948
  • Ownership Sivensa - Siderurgica Venezolana SA
  • End User Industries Electrical, telecommunication, construction, agriculture, machinery, oil
  • Export Markets United States, Africa, Asia, Europe


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