Whitehaven Coal Mining Pty Ltd

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Based in Sydney, NSW. Whitehaven Coal Mining Pty Ltd is a coal mining company in Australia. It is also conducting development and expansion programes for its existing mines.


  • Level 28, 259 George Street  

Town, State, Country

  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  


  • 2000 

Postal address

  • PO Box R1113, Royal Exchange, Sydney, New South Wales, 1225  
  • Ownership Farallon Capital Management LLC, 21.44%
  •   HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Ltd, 13.22%
  •   Aston Resources Investments Pty Ltd, 11.07%
  •   National Nominees Limited, 9.42%
  •   JP Mogan Nominees Australia Limited, 7.68%
  •   FRC Whitehaven Holdings BV, 7.17%
  •   Individual, 0.61%


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