Top alumina refinery projects in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia's alumina market is set to become very lively in the next few months, following the Indonesian ban on non-beneficiated bauxite exports and the increase of Chinese alumina imports from other countries in the region. New smelters and refineries are coming into the market at a rush, all inspired to cash in on the resilient region.  

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* These alumina refineries projects have been ranked by amount invested.

  1. New alumina refinery in India, by Hindalco Industries. USD 2.4bn. 
  2. New alumina refinary in India, by Nalco. USD 1.1bn.  
  3. New alumina plant in Indonesia, by Bosai Minerals. USD 1bn.
  4. New grade alumina plant in Indonesia, by PT Antam. USD 1bn.
  5. New alumina refinery in Indonesia, by Chalco. USD 1bn.
  6. New alumina refinery in Indonesia, by China Hongqiao Group. USD 1bn.
  7. New alumina refinery in India, by Jindal South West Holding. USD 754m.  
  8. New alumina refinery in Vietnam, by Vinacomin. USD 655m.
  9. New alumina refinery in Laos, by Ord River Resources. USD 600m.
  10. New alumina refinery in Indonesia, by PT Antam & Showa Denko. USD 450m.

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