Top primary aluminium producers in MENA

The Middle East looks to dominate global aluminium production, as primary capacity of the metal is expected to grow 36% to 5 million tonnes by 2015 (from 3.7 million tonnes in 2012). Rolled products will account for most of the growth, as producers in the region strive to replace imports and dominate international markets.   

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* These companies have been ranked by 2012 aluminium output. All data figures are in metric tonnes.

  1. DUBAL - Dubai Aluminium, United Arab Emirates (1,061,020)
  2. ALBA - Aluminium Bahrain, Bahrain (890,217)
  3. EMAL - Emirates Aluminium, United Arab Emirates (800,000)
  4. Qatalum - Qatar Aluminium, Qatar (627,971)
  5. Sohar Aluminium, Oman (360,100)
  6. Egyptalum - Aluminium Co of Egypt, Egypt (310,000)
  7. Iralco - Iranian Aluminium, Iran (120,000)
  8. Almahdi Aluminium Co, Iran (110,000)
  9. Eti Aluminyum AS, Turkey (62,500)

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