Top steel producers based in the Americas

In a bid to expand market share and reduce dependency on imports, Latin American steelmakers showcased a rise in production last year. The positive growth will continue in 2013 with most of the region's key players developing expansion projects. Steel consumption is expected to increase to 65.7 million tonnes this year (from 64.6 million tonnes in 2012).  

The same can’t be said for US steelmakers, who are struggling to compete with overcapacity from their Latin neighbours and weak prices. However the boom in natural gas and growing automotive industry has brought about new demand which may see the country make a strong come back. 

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* These companies have been ranked by 2012 crude steel output. All data figures are in metric tonnes.

  1. United States Steel Corp (21,444,000)
  2. Gerdau SA (18,920,000)
  3. Nucor Corp (18,021,000)
  4. Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais SA (7,158,000)
  5. Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (5,659,000)
  6. AK Steel Corp (4,888,000)
  7. Steel Dynamics Inc (4,743,000)
  8. Altos Hornos de Mexico SA de CV (3,879,000)
  9. Commercial Metals Co (3,816,000)
  10. Deacero SA de CV (2,977,000)

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